Pasakojimas apie Utopia anglų kalba

Anglų namų darbas. Pasakojimas apie Utopia anglų kalba.

Of Utopia I like the fact that every building has piped water and the houses are large with glass windows. Also people only have work six hours a day (it‘s just awesome). When they are not working, the Utopians go to lectures or play interesting games like chess, I like this fact because nowadays few people playing mind training games. There are no inns in Utopia and no gambling either, so there is no drunkenness and brawls – great! I also liked the fact that girls can merry when they are 18 and boys when they are 22 (because the guys still immature when they are 18 years).

Pasakojimas apie Utopia anglų kalba. (2014 m. Gruodžio 23 d.). Peržiūrėta 2017 m. Sausio 21 d. 00:17