Personal hygiene

Anglų savarankiškas darbas. Key terms. Introduction. Rooms where food is prepared, treated or processed. Floors. Walls. Ceilings. Windows. Doors. Surfaces. Washing equipment and food. Kitchen hygiene. The bathroom hygiene. Simple Rules for Personal Hygiene. Hair. Skin. Teeth. Hands. Nails. Conclusion. Sources of information.

Things which you have to know about the Bathroom Hygiene because all food safety specialists have to be clean and clear if they want to guarantee good job. It is important to keep the commode, floor, sink, counters, shower, and tub absolutely clean. Bleach is an excellent cleaner for porcelain surfaces and comet for the sinks. Always wash hands thoroughly when in contact with bodily fluids. Be sure to give a courtesy flush or get a special plumbing job that does this automatically.

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