Quatitative methods for decision making

Matematikos kursinis darbas. Correlation and regression analysis. Correlation analysis. Correlation coefficient significance. Simple regression analysis. Multiple regression analysis. Trend function. Correlation and regression analysis conclusions. Forecasting. Moving average. Exponential smoothing. Long term forecasting. Linear programming. Graphical solution. Problem solution using Excel. Shadow price. Transportation problem. North-west and least cost solutions. Transportation problem solution using Excel. Improvement index.

Corellation analysis will show us if there is a bond between dependable variable Y and intependable variables Xn. In my course work, dependable variable Y is the price of one kilowatt-hour, and the independent variables are X1 – amount of kilowatt-hours used in town, X2 – loans taken in the town in Litas, X3 – the number of homeless people in the town, X4 – total hours spent watching tv per 2 weeks, X5–hours spent outside.

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