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Anglų skaidrės. Question types. Special questions in present simple. Special questions in present continouos. Special questions in present perfect. Special questions in present perfect continouos. Special questions in past simple. Special questions in past continuous. Special questions in past perfect. Special questions in past perfect continuous. Special questions in future simple. Special questions in future continuous. Special questions in future perfect. Special questions in future perfect continouos. (ar?) will i. Subject and object questions. Questions with auxiliary verbs.

Special questions and or questions Subject/ object questons Questions with modal verbs and auxiliary verbs.

I write long letters on sunday. (ar?) do i write long letters on sunday? who writes long letter on sunday? what do i write on sunday? what leters do i write on sunday? when do i write long letters?

What have i been doing? (ar?) have i been walking? where have you been runing? have you been runing? what has he been studying? has he been cooking? why has she been working today? why has it been traveling with you? what have we been painting all day? where have they been playing?

He worked at school two years ago. (ar?) did he worked at school two years ago? who worked at school two years ago? where did he work two years ago? when did he workat school? how many years ago did he work at school?

Why was i working? (ar?) was i listening? where were you living? were you working? how was she traveling? was she eating? where was he going? why was it snowing in the summer? what were we eating why were they studing?

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