Reading books

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Reading books.

Reading books is one of the best things in my life. It really helps to relax after school or just ignore your problems. Well, this diagram shows that in Japan majority of people read books. It shows that 20% of them read 5 or more books per month. 35% of them read 2 or5 books per month. 15% of them 1 book per month , 21% of them read only 1 book every 3 months and 9% don’t read at all.

I really like psychological and biographical books or those books which inspire me and make me think about them after I read them. Moreover, my friends have different taste, when we talk about books I Found out that they like fiction, romantic books.

I think that psychological books are must for teenagers, because these books rise their intellect, also it can help to solve problems such as relation with parents or friends.

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