Road safety rules kalbėjimo tema

Driver safety rules lietuviskai. Why are majority of people dissatisfied with existing road safety rules?.

Anglų kalbėjimo potemės 2018. I am going to talk about road safety rules and divide my speech into three parts. First, i will tell you about respondent’s viewpoint in road safety rules. After that about speed of machine and an inexperienced driver. And finally i will tell you about driving with lights and drunk drivers. So, in the diagram i see that. % of respondent’s dissatisfied with existing road safety rules, and they think that they want to be changed rules. I think that. Km/h speed limit should be allowed on motorways because if increasing the speed limit will be more accidents and more people will die. Also it can be said if speed limits increase for example to. Km, that most people drive. Or. Km/h.

Road safety rules kalbėjimo tema. (2012 m. Lapkričio 21 d.). Peržiūrėta 2018 m. Sausio 22 d. 00:44