Run - flat tires

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Run-flat tires. Summary. Definitions. Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Run-Flat Tires. Summary. Definitions. The Definitive Guide to Run-Flat Tyres. Summary. Definitions. Sources.

4)Repair shop - Place where you can repair your car

2)Too heavy tires - There is soft and hard tires. Hard tires ir means heavy tires.

3) Too noisy tires - It means that tire sound inside car when you drive is higher.

4) Not durable - It means that tire is puncture-resistant.

5) Tire-pressure warning light - Warning light on dashboard when air pressure in tire is lower.

6) Tire sealant - When you tire is punctured you can fill up tire sealant and it fill punctured place on tire.

8) DriveGuard - New technology to security tire from low air pressure

9)Compressor - Device which can fill up air on tire.

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  • Run - flat tires
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