Septal defects

Anglų skaidrės. Septal defects. Septal defect. Pat physiology (1). Pat physiology (2). Symptoms. Diagnosis. Treatment. Amplatzer device. Questions to discuss.

Fast breathing; Sweating; Shortness of breath; Tachycardia; Pallor; Decreased feeding; Poor weight gain; Fainting; Fatigue; Chest pain; Cyanosis.

An auscultation (systolic murmur along the lower left breast bone border); An echocardiogram (hole in the septum); Chest X-ray (heart enlargement); An electrocardiogram (right ventricle hypertrophy); Blood test (hypoxemia, hypercapnia).

How we can differentiate the heart defect from the pulmonary patology? Is there any prevention of septal defect?

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  • Septal defects
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