Shalimar the Clown

Anglų interpretacija. Shalimar the Clown

„“ – is psychological, historical novel, published in 2007.The reference to the figure of the clown from the very title seems particularly fitting for a novel pervaded by \distrust of unified, chronological narratives. is the mixture of comedy, seriousness of purpose, and multicultural imagination. Mesmerizing story shifts to Kashmir territory, but at the same time covers worldwide space, creates a vivid historical context. A number of different, but fascinating characters embody different principles, beliefs and traditions. The main character is India – extramarital daughter of influential ambassador Maximilian Ophuls. After her father assassination, she hopes to find her mother and determines to take revenge on the murderer. The novel, nonetheless,gives the reader an insight into author’s personality, who constantly negotiates a multiple identity.Kashmir represents both the author’s paradise, and a place of origin his imagination projects itself onto.

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