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Šilutė lankstinukas anglų kalba.

Šilutė it's a city in the western part of Lithuania, region Klaipėda , Coastal lowlands. Near to Kuršių lagoon and Rusne Island. Throught the city flowing river "Šyša" which is a small boat port. 16 805 people residing in Šilutė. There is small but there is a lot of beautiful places. Here lived and now live to many famous people. Šilute city is 505 years. In the western part of the city is a cultural House, near Šyšos remain Šojaus Manor House. (Šilutė Museum), the district Central Hospital and clinic; old people's care home, mail, City Park.

/ In Šilutė from morning to evening can visit ship port. H. Šojus seat and him museum, also Šilutė have a monument to writer Zudermanas.

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