Solstice in Lithuania

Anglų skaidrės. Solstice in Lithuania. This time instants in the winter and in the summer. Solstice. The summer solstice. Solstice celebrating. Summer solstice is traditionally referred to during the Midsummer festival - had previously Rasa. Tradition. The sun rises before five o'clock in the morning. On that day.

The summer solstice is celebrated on June 21-22 and it's called the solstice festivals. Lithuania, as elsewhere in the northern hemisphere of the planet, June 21-22 is the summer solstice, or the astronomical beginning of summer.

On that day and at night all went to the holy rivers and lakes to wash, to become young. Patients wash in the healing. People burned Setra, jumping through fire, because all the heat and started thanks to its existence, gave each other wrongs felt all equal.

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  • Solstice in Lithuania
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