The Biggest Global problems in our World

Anglų esė. Global problems.

Today I’m going to speak on topic about So, as we know our world has many troubles and unfortunately the number of problems isn’t decreasing. I’m talking about that a lot people are still starving at the moment, our planet is still polluted and the climate has strongly changed during for decades. So, the main question is how can we save our world and solve these main problems?

There is no secret that we are living a really bright life, because we never go to sleep hungry or thirsty. In my opinion we even do not know what means don’t have a water all the time or share the last droplet of water with someone you love. The true is that every night, almost one billion people go to bed hungry. I think one of the best ways how to solve it is to send surplus food to people who really need it or even we could also simply give more money, so they can buy food.

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  • The Biggest Global problems in our World
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