The institutions of the European Union

Anglų konspektas. The institutions of the EU. The european parliament. EU Member states. The european council. European mandate. The european commission. Court of justice of the european union. The european central bank. The court of auditors and the european investment bank.

First of all, THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT represents the peoples of the EU Member states. The new members coming from 12 different member state. Elections are now held five years, which corresponds to the length of a legislative period. Parliament can not only put forward amendments to legislation at various readings and also within certain limits , get them accepted by the council. Also, it can pass a motion of censure and thereby campel the commission to resign as a body. The parliaments seat is in Strasbourg.

Thirdly, another institution is THE COURT OF JUSTICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION, it is the judicial body of the EU.

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  • The institutions of the European Union
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