The most threatening environmental problems

Environmental problems rašinys. Ecological problems rašinys. Global warming rasinys. Problems of our planet skaidres. Environmental problems kalbėjimas. Flooding rasinys. Anglu topikai environmental problems. Anglu rasinys apie environmentals problems. Air pollution rasinys. Ecological problem anglu rasinys.

Anglų rašinys. Nowadays our environment is in a really big danger. Environmental pollution is one of the hottest topics currently. There are a lot of issues that must be immidiately prevented. First of all, air pollution, which is mostly caused by huge manufactories, is out of control. People living near them are complaining of health disorders. For example asthma which is caused by the poor quality of the air they are made to breathe. Although most of these companies are trying to correct the issues, pollution in many areas is still growing.

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  • The most threatening environmental problems
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