Trakai city

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Trakai city.

Trakai is a historic city and it‘s a perfect setting for holidaymakers in Lithuania. Trakai situated in the south-east of Lithuania, and it takes half of hour to get there from Vilnius by car. It is a perfect place to escape from urban life and stress.

To begin with, Trakai is an area of outstanding and estonishing natural beauty. Landscapes and sceneries are just breathtaking. The city is surrounded by huge and magnificent lakes with small but fascinating islands. Also Trakai has its own historical national park which is the only one in all Europe. In the park you can witness wooded hills, beautiful forests and wild scenery.

Furthermore Trakai is famous for its castle on an island. The castle itself was build in gothic style in 14th century by the Grand Duke Kęstutis and nowadays it serves as a museum.

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