Trumpa kalba tema: how should we change our live style

Anglų savarankiškas darbas. Tai trumpa kalba, angliskai, skirta dviems skaitovams, apie tai, kaip mes turetume pakeisti savo gyvenimo stiliu. Patariama padaryti pristatyma siai kalbai.

1 speaker: First, we should begin by yourself from aur character. Now there are so many drunk drivers on the road that is unsafedo road. Now, people do not think about the fact that they can go to the store or to the movies use THEY legs. Now they prefer to drive by car than use they legs. I would like to say some plus of legs: legs power can save you money, keep you fit and help you live longer.

2 speaker: I think that for our topick we can talk about bikes. Bicycles - very confoteble if people used them more in countries would be less traffic jams , be not very much a catastrophe is another plus for cycling with them a very healthy do sports.

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