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Vector glossary. Kaunas ‘‘Varpas’’ gymnasium 11A Silvija Stalioraityte. Vector is a. Addition of vector. Triangle rule Parallelogram rule. Condition of collinearity. X1/X2=Y1/Y2= k If k>0 vectors are the same direction. Head-minus-tail rule. Coordinates. A (x. Magnitude (length). IABI= √x2 + y. The scalar product. Sources.

Vector is a line that has a direction. If two vectors lie along the same line, then they are known as collinear vectors. Opposite vectors have different directions, but same length. (priešingi) Opposite vectors may have different directions and length. (priešpriešiniai) Two vectors are equal if they have the same direction and magnitude (length). They do not need to have the same point of application.

X1/X2=Y1/Y2= k If k>0 vectors are the same direction. If k<0 vectors are opposite.

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