Vending machines

Anglų rašinys. Vending machines operators.

Nowadays vending machine operators become more and more popular in all over the world. My country – Lithuania – is not an exception. There is a huge variety of products which are sold by vending machines. These machines provide snacks, soft drinks, coffee, homebred milk, hot and cold water, newspapers, toys and some more similar things in Lithuanian.

These machines are usually situated in educational institutions, work places, near the supermarkets or even in the brief street. For example, coffee operators are situated in almost all work places: in offices, in schools, in universities, in hospitals. Other popular place for vending machines is near the supermarkets where are a lot of snacks, soft drinks, a homebred milk or toys vending machines. Snack vending machines are also very popular at schools in Lithuania. There also are water vending machines which provide us with hot or cold water, usually for free, in my country. These are situated in offices, universities and chemistries.

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