Verbal and nonverbal communication

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Verbal and nonverbal communication. Verbal communication. Forms of verbal communication. Oral communication. Oral. Written communication. Written. In each case, we choose, how to interact with the audience. The written form. Nonverbal communication. The most important, non-verbal communication signs. Thank you for your atention !! References.

Objective: To introduce the verbal and non-verbal communication. Subject: Verbal and non-verbal communication in a given environment.

Verbal communication means the information behavior, interaction, where the speech marks, words used as symbols to express ideas.

Source: scientific article „Vadovo savybių reikšmė organizacijos veiklos rezultatams“.

This requires special preparation and improvisation, the knowledge, the orator skills, even good knowledge of rhetoric sciences.

This communication is characterized by the ability to go back and edit the post, also there is an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their own communication activities.

The written form often choose then when you need to get a variety of articles, the conclusions or recommendations of the requests.

Non-verbal communication is a communication action, receiving, sending non-verbal cues between people.

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  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
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