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Ekonomikos verslo planas. Description of My Business. Targeted Market and Customers. Growth Trends In This Business. Pricing Power. Work Experience Related to My Intended Business. Personal Background and Education Credentials. Financing Strategy. Business Organization. Professional Consultants. Accident insurance Monthly price 30 lt. Resource Requirements Communications. Location Criteria. Cash Flow Planning. Analysis of Costs. Internal Controls. Commerce Plans. Commerce Budgeting. Commerce Competition. Marketing Plan. Advertising and Promotion Plans. Purchasing and Inventory Control. Training Policies. The Competition. How I Plan to Take Advantage of Competitors Weak Points. Managing Employees. Handling Major Problems.

It is closed door environment events only with top management from oil and gas industry.

Service companies are paying money for the possibility to meet and contact top management in order to work together in the future.

Our customers is services companies who want to work together with biggest oil and gas companies. They need that kind of services because all companies want to work with rich oil and gas companies.

Market is growing very fast, but in Lithuania is new kind of business.

I will keep profitable prices because of big popular of Summits. All around the world more and more companies are participating in that kind of events, because they want to work with Oil and Gas companies, so they are paying huge amounts of money for it, so for sure I will keep prices profitable.

I am ready to make that kind of business because I know a lot of things about it. I know how big companies are working and how they are meeting their partners to work together. My business is perfect possibility to meet biggest oil and gas company’s technical directors in one place and work together with them. Target audience in my business is service companies from segments which are involved in oil and gas industry.

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