Viešbučio praktika Crowne plaza (anglų kalba)

Praktikos referatas anglu kalba. Anglu rasinys apie viesbuti. Crowne plaza praktika. Laiska i viesbuti angliskai. Anglu kalba tema viesbutis. Ataskaita apie viesbuti angliskai. Anglu kalba apie viesbuti.

Vadybos praktikos ataskaita. Introduction of a company. The aim of practice. The tasks of practice. Review of “crowne plaza london docklands”. Luxury at the dock. Location: business accommodation in london. Docklands conference venue. Characterization of micro and macro environments of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Swot analysis of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Mission and vision of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Analysis and improvement possibilities of management structure of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Analysis of range of services of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Principles of activity organization of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Analysis of documents and information management in “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Analysis of financial ratios of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Analysis of effective sales factors and formation of sales strategy of “crowne plaza london - docklands”. Conclusions and recommendations.

I familiarized with mission and vision of company during practice. Furthermore, I analyzed and assessed the current market situation and economic development trends, forecasted opportunities for company development, analyzed the existing range. By the way, I analyzed the applied organizational principles. I prepared criteria for assessment of employees’ activity, systemized and generalized information, assessed the outcomes of company’s performance, collected information, required for economic analysis and management decisions.

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