Ways to save energy

Rasinys angliskai apie energijos taupyma. Saving energy rasinys. Kaip sutaupyti energija anglu rasinelis.

Anglų konspektas. 50 Ways to save energy - einantiems ekologijos temą. Labai geri patarimai kiekvienam žmogui. Kaip taupyti žemės energiją ir savo pinigus. Put your PC to sleep. Lower the shades and raise the windows instead of using appliances to regulate temperatures. Read the label on new appliances — seek energy-efficient models. Recycle all the things you can't refuse, reduce or re-use. Drive steadily, and a bit slower to use less fuel. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs. Reduce the amount you buy. Stop heating an empty house. Rethink your appliances. Buy an e-book reader- stop cutting trees. Don‘t stay in the shower for too long. Give eco gifts. Too difficult to think about the world? Think about your bills.Don‘ use aerosol deodorants.Consider a solar hot water system.

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  • Ways to save energy
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