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Weather in lithuania rasinys. Rasinys angliskai apie weather. Weather rasinys. Anglu kalbejimo topikas weather. Anglu rašiniai.

Anglų rašinys. Weather. Ese about weather.

Our climate has been changing since the earth began. For more than 100 years, earth’s surface temperature has been watched by weather stations. The air temperature has risen more than 0,6 degrees of Celcium since the late 1800s. Researches have shown that human activities control the greenhouse effect. We can cause global warming too. And that would cause huge problems to flora, fauna and people.

But we live in Lithuania, and we do not notice strong weather changes. Well at least we hadn‘t any problems until now. As we all noticed, this year we didn‘t have a normal winter with snow. At Christmas and New Year not snowflakes, but rain was falling from the sky.

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