Why I would like to dive with sharks? (2)

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Why I would like to dive with sharks? (2).

First, I’m not afraid of big creatures. In our huge world there are big and small predators but sometimes I must perception that how do they look at first sight it doesn’t mean they are dangerous. I think if I had a chance to encounter with sharks first I must change my mind that sharks aren’t ferocious but intelligent and sensitive creatures. So, I don’t have to stars that I really scared of them but to show that I’m really respect sharks and interpret their behaviour.

Second, they don’t eat humans as food. Like I said sharks are intelligent and sensitive predators so why they should eat people? The bond between human and shark (aspect in food) are very distant. For sharks we’re too muscular and lean, so when they encounter with us, big fishy don’t trying to bite humans and just passed through us.

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  • Why I would like to dive with sharks? (2)
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