World population and poverty

Anglų rašinys. World population and poverty.

Recent studies have shown that world’s population growth is beginning to slow down. Over the past 5 decades population has doubled and the biggest growth was in developing countries. However, about one third of world’s population live in poverty and the number is constantly rising.

In developing countries in Asia and Africa mostly birth rate is two times higher that death rate. This, as well as better health care and technological advancement causes overpopulation. In Asia there was a tradition to have big families, but once they have a lot of children they cannot afford their living and only increase poverty level. In Africa, on the other hand, people are poor from the start and so they have a lot of children simply because they need more hands to work. Other problems, such as depletion of natural resources, high unemployment rates, poor education and civil wars also rise from overpopulation.

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  • World population and poverty
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