Would we all be better off without technologies

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Would we all be better off without technologies Talking about computers and internet. Ilona Brantova Leidybos 1 gr.

40 years ago, when the first consumer computer was invented and released to the market, the era of easier accessibility of technology began. When talking about 2015, it is clear that many of us couldn’t imagine our lives without seemingly simple things such as: smart phone, computer, internet and etc. On one hand, it looks like all these technologies, mechanized tools and cyberspace saves us loads of time and energy. Somewhat it is true, because with the help of cell phones, e-mails and internet on the whole we can communicate faster. It takes almost nothing to organize an event using social networking, various forums or groups online. Moreover, those tools help international companies to collaborate worldwide. But on the other hand, social media and technology took communication to another level: the level of anti-social behavior.

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  • Would we all be better off without technologies
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