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Žalgiris anglų referatas.

Žalgiris-One of the oldest basketball clubs in Europe. The club was formed in 1944.Žalgiris in his debut years won all Lithuanian basketball championships.

In 1947 and 1951 Žalgiris won USSR Premier basketball league.The best players in team was Stepas Butautas,Vytautas,Kulakauskas,Justinas Lagunavičius,Kazimieras Petkevičius.

In that years (1983-1987) Žalgiris was unstoppable force in Soviet union and in Europe.They added new talents to the team:Valdemaras Chomičius and Rimas Kurtinaitis.Žalgiris sign the one of the best coach in USSR Vladas Garastas,and most important:Team decided to sign Arvydas Sabonis,who was 17 years old and 209cm and he debuted in Žalgiris at 1981.He grew 12cm in couple years and he could do everything on the court.

At this year we can say it was ,,New Genaration” Žalgiris had new captain Gintaras Krapikas (Former 2013-2015 seasons Žalgiris coach) Žalgiris signs Gintaras Einikis,Arūnas Visockas,Darius Lukminas.

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