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Anglų skaidrės. Zarasai city history. Zarasai – located in the North-eastern part of the Republic of Lithuania. Zarasai city today. Today Zarasai is. Most beautiful destinations in zarasai. Stelmužės oak- it is one of the most beautiful places in Zarasai. Blessed Virgin Mary Church - the most unique monument in Salakas. Saint Mary’s place - wonderful destination in Imbradas. Great Island - of Zarasas Lake is the cradle of Zarasai. Zarasai accommodation. Camping “Zarasai" Guest houses “Vandens lelija”. Food and drinks. Restaurant “Monopolis” Cafe-bar “Diana” Cafe “Pearl”, “Sankirta” Inn “Bikėnai”, “Degučiai”. Am suggesting. Thank you for your attention.

Developed by:                         TA-09 gr. stud. Ina Blinova.

Zarasai – located in the North-eastern part of the Republic of Lithuania; Traditional opinion is that Zarasai established in the 15th century, so now it has more like 500 years. Zarasai region was formed on 20 June 1950; In 2008 Zarasai town was awarded a status of the resort territory. In 2009 Zarasai was announced the Cultural Capital of Lithuania; In 2010 Zarasai district declared as the EDEN destination in Lithuania for aquatic tourism;.

I am suggesting for everyone to visit Zarasai city and its district and I am sure what nobody will regret.

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