2 Days trip round Ukmergė

2 days trip round ukmergė.

We’re going to have a great 2 days sightseeing trip round Ukmerge and its surroundings. We’ll visit the most interesting and popular destinations of all around it. I hope, you’ll enjoy it. I’m going to be your guide during this trip and I’ll try to describe all the places for you as clearly as possible.

So, firstly we are going to meet atUkmergebuss station and begin our travel by rented buss at 8.00 am. Firstly we are going to visit Siesikai village, which is about 25 km far from Ukmerge. You’ll have a breath taking view ofSiesikai manor on the shore of Siesikai lake.The manor was built in the sixteenth century, so it’s really old.

According to a legend, many years ago, the young wife of Duke fell in love with a knight from a foreign country. At night she was getting out from the manor and having a secret dates with him on the shore of the lake.

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  • 2 Days trip round Ukmergė
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