5 ideas what should parents know

IDEAS what parents should know before bringing up A CHILD. Trust your CHILD and try to make him trust you. Never hit your child. Do not try to force your CHILD to do something. CHILD needs to have attention. Love your CHILD for who he is.

One of the most important things during the life is to bring up A CHILD. THE CHILD is communicated not only with you but also with other people, who take part in your life. Therefore it is very important to raise him as an honest, self-confident, reliable person. I will try to give several ideas, what should parents know before bringing A CHILD.

Idea #1.

You have to work on it since the earliest childhood. Good relationships are really important for parents and child. Because of having a strong connection, you could solve many problems.

Idea #2. Never hit your CHILD.

CHILD always remembers that kind of parents’ actions, their face during the process. Consequently this may influence THE CHILD not to trust or ever to hate his parents. By Stephen V Faraone1 “hitting the child has an unintended effect.

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  • 5 ideas what should parents know
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