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Green week at school. “cut your spending” online competition. World development international conference. Preparation for the speaking credit. School guides' competition. Peer helper club. Cooking club. Lithuania 1009–2009’ Commemoration at School.

A: What aims of the presentation do you think we should consider? Shall we discuss the pressing problems of the 21st century and offer some solutions?

B: Yes, I agree with you. But what global problems could we include in our presentation? Maybe we could talk about political, economic, food, water crisis? What is your opinion?

A: I think all the problems are topical. Which of these problems can be presented as burning problems?

B: In my opinion, the problems of famine and children‘s death in Africa are really burning.

A: Absolutely.

B: But there is one more question: in what ways will we get the information for our presentation?

A: It seems to me that we can find many articles in the Internet. Besides, we can go to the library and look for newspaper articles and reference books. What countries are we going to speak about?

B: Of course, African countries and we could include some poorer countries of South America and Asia.

A: You are right.

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