A house devivded itself cannot stand

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

This legendary phrase is from Bible and has literal meaning. “House” means household or a nation, and “divided itself” means that nation cannot stand if she is separated or disjointed. This phrase was used by Abrahom Lincoln, which was a president of Amerika, speech. He said speech in 1851 and after that it was called “House divided speech”. He applied to people, when Amerika was divided, because in southern slavery was legal. African people in Amerika hadn’t any liberties; they had to slave every second.

segregation prevailed among American citizens. One of them was for slavery, because they had big plantations and black humans were as the best servants, who did not need to salaries. Anothers was against, they understood that all humans are humanas, no matter if you are black, white or yellow tanned skin and others do not have the rights to use them.

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  • A house devivded itself cannot stand
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