A limited liability company

A limited liability company. Content. Concept. Flexibility and default rules. Advantages. tax flexibility. Advantages. less paperwork. Advantages. less liability. Disadvantages. Self-Employment Taxes. Disadvantages. Confusion About Roles. Disadvantages. Limited Life. Variantions. LLC in lithuania. Uab – uždaroji akcinė bendrovė. How to set up llc in lithuania. Examples of Llc in lithuania. Thanks for your attention!

Legal status – closed joint-stock company is a limited liability private juridical person. Capital – not less than 3 000 €. Shareholders – not less than 250 shareholders. Stock cannot be shared and sold publicly, unless the law provides otherwise. The founders of the company can be both physical and juridical persons. Every founder of the company must acquire stock and become a shareholder.

How to set up llc in lithuania.

There are a few ways to set up LLS in Lithuania: You are in process of setting up yourself. It costs less but requires your participation in the bank, notary, registry center and the acceptance stamp. Also, you need your share capital and registered office. Setting up without your participation. This way is perfect for foreigners and busy people. You will be registered and given a copletely ready company. Also you will be given an authorized capital. You will be given all the necessary documents but you have to visit all the institutions by yourself. You acquire one of available companies, which have already been incorporated.

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