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Zarasai. Places to visit. Nature. Famous people. Forms of tourism. At the north-east of lithuania a small, but very nice zarasai land often called land of lakes crossed, by numerous lakes, decorated with hills, pine forests, and white birch groves is situated. Travelers like to compare it with finland with its numerous lakes or with european country of uncommonly expressive nature, switzerland. Legend “a verdant country“. This story happened long, long ago, when there was so much water that the people could not believe that they would ever see the end of it…it seemed as if no one could help them…but then, one day, a giant was walking along the lakeside and stumbled over a stone.

When he was bursting with energy, and felt like the strongest of the strong, he lifted the stone and decided to take it to the end of the earth by sunrise. But, the giant became mesmerized by the blue waters of the lake, and only came to his senses with the first cockcrow! He dropped the stone at his feet, into the crashing waves of the lake...The whole earth trembled, and the powerful shock caused the soil from the bottom of the lake to shoot up, and as it came down again it formed hills, mountains and valleys, which immediately sprung into bloom...

K. Būga was born in Pažiegė village on November 6th 1879. He was learning in Dusetai school, in 1897 he graduated from St. Catherine school at the same year he entered Petersburg Seminary and later he became Lithuanian University professor.

During the Soviet years she was a like a superhero Lithuanian partisan. Her life was very short so even the Soviet years when streets, schools and teems of pioneers was called her name no one haven’t gone into broader review of her life and activities.

Her childhood was spent in Zarasai. She graduated from primary school and then she went to Rokiškis to earn some money, later she worked in Kaunas candy factory then she came back to Zarasai but not for long. She fell in love with russian guy and when war began she ran to Soviet Union.

He was born in Rokėnų village on December 20th 1884. The first musical knowledge J. Gruodis received from his father - a maker of musical instruments. In his family almost all were musical. He was learning in Antazavė primary school, finished music school in Rokiškis and played the organ in Utena where he was organizing evening concerts.

Zarasai as cognitive and active tourism and outdoor recreation area can offer many forms of tourism not only in the summer but in winter too. Greenery, water bodies, aesthetic valuable landscapes make possibilities for cognitive, active, rural, cultural and recreational tourism.

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