Acid rain

Anglų skaidrės. Acid rain. Causes of acid rain. Burning coal. Burning petrol and oil. These gases mix with water vapour. The problem. People probably couldn't live without. Electricity! Think of it this way. More problems. Acid rain can travel long distances. Often it doesn’t fall where the gas is produced. How acid rain affects the environment. Acid rain is an extremely. Trees. All of this happens partly because of direct contact between trees and acid rain. Lakes are also damaged by acid rain. Buildings. Acid rain dissolves the stonework and mortar of buildings. Currently, both the railway industry and the aeroplane industry are having to spend a lot of money to repair. Humans. Humans can become seriously ill, and can even die from the effects of acid rain. Acid rain can be absorbed by both plants and. Solutions.

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  • Acid rain
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