Addictions (Priklausomybės)

Addiction to. ~  games of chance-gambling. ~ television. ~ internet–computer games. Games of chance or gambling. What is it? A list of games of chance. Dependence for games of chance. Pathological gambling stages. Internet and video games. Causes and effects. Video Game Addiction. Symptoms. Television addiction. Thank you for your attention.

Addiction to :~  games of chance-gambling~ television~ internet–computer games.

Addiction ( priklausomybė ) – psychological or physical uncontrollable need for some activities or habits.

While for many gambling is only an entertainment or a way to earn money, it can become a serious dependence.

There is a type of people that characterize with a high appetence for gambling. If these kind of people enters a casino, there’s a high chance of pathological addiction increase.

This craving for more and more gambling can overwhelm human life so much that he may experience social, professional and material losses, ignore family values and commitments.

Adventure – joy gain, self-confidence increases Desperation - more money are lost than won, but hope is still strong; risk, fear and guilt increases Disappointment – may end with the collapse of personal relationships or committing suicide.

IAD is often divided into subtypes by activity: Gaming Online social networking Blogging Pornography use Email Internet shopping.

70% of internet users are reported to play online games, 18% of which are diagnosed as game addicts.

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  • Addictions (Priklausomybės)
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