Advantages and disagvantages

Advantages of computer rasinys. School dress code rasinys. Advantages of computers rasinys.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone. Advantages and disadvantages of using internet. What are the advantages and disadvanteges of buying via internet. Computers make our life easier. Advantages and disadvantages of watching tv.

The other argument that mobile phones are very useful is that they can make your life easier. For example, cell phones can help us to organize the daily plans, remind us of meetings, also they can help us with our work with programs such as a calculator or currency converter , or can help to get up with the mobile alarm-clock.

However, a lot of people say, that the mobile phone is harmful for all people, because it is proved that mobile phones emit radiation when they are used. Also, mobile phone keep attention from works that must be done with great concentration, for example, driving a car or studying in school or at home.

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