African Famine

African Famine. Every day that. Projects. Education Our Projects in education include building new schools. There is a great need for school supplies. This school reopened after renovation with the support of our generous donors. Water. Villagers have to walk miles everyday to reach water. Health. Whether they are producing products made of staw such as floor mats. Consist of Sewing machine training, mechanical training, Woodworking, journalism and computer training. At times on. Generalization. Think we need to support African children and others. Thanks for attention ?

Dry well that needs to be repaired in Xamure Village, Somalia.

Our water projects consist of building new wells maintaining, and repairing existing wells.

This program will give grants to women to start a business. Many times we see widows and other women who have lost their only source of income begging in the streets. This program is intended to help these women become independent through training, grants and microloans.

I think we need to support African children and others. They didn‘t have schools, house, water, food... Think about those children who can‘t learn in the school, who didn‘t have any food . Many of them die. So in my opinion we need to DONATE.

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