Agatha Cristė

Agatha Christie

was born in 1890. September 15. - 1976. January 12. Agata English writer, the author of many well-known detective.

In 1906 . Agatha was sent to Paris , where she studied singing and piano playing . Though it fared well , but stage fright and innate shyness prevented her to pursue a career in this field. His modesty writers also failed to win. Even 18 -year tenured Detective Club president , to make speeches and Tosti dispose other .

In 1914 . Agatha married Colonel Archibald Christie pilot and their daughter was born Rosalind . However, 1928 . the couple divorced. In December 1929, disappeared suddenly and was found only after 10 days Harougeito town hotel. There she was staying Mrs. Nyl name. Its disappearance is explained emotional shock induced amnesia . For prior to the disappearance of her first husband Archibald Christy confessed loves younger woman named Nancy Nyl . It remained unclear whether such a manner Agata wanted to take revenge on her husband, as well as promoting his novels, and indeed it has been involved in amnesia .

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