airBaltic crisis communication

Introduction. Theoretical framework. Crisis defined. Crisis management. Types of crisis managemenet. Pre-crisis phase. Crisis management plan. Crisis management team. Crisis communication. Communication chanels. Crisis response. Post-crisis phase. Case description. Key facts about latvia. Latvian airline industry. Airbaltic. Analysis of what company has done. Things that should be done but wasn’t. Conclusion.

In 2011 an economical crisis stuck Latvian Airline Company airBaltic. If you look more deeply into this crisis you will see that it’s not only economical but political too, because there were some accusations for fraud and part of the company’s investors are Latvian’s government. Also company’s crises deepened the crises in Latvia. Part of the credits was paid from Latvian budget. Partly this company is related to Lithuania not only because it’s the only airline company in the Baltic region but also because the main creditor of airBaltic was bank Snoras, which was owned by Lithuania’s government.

This work was written to analyze the main reasons of Latvian Airline Company’s airBaltic financial crisis. In this work you will find theory about crisis management, theoretical framework of crises, crises communication and communication channels. Also case description which is made from three parts: key facts about Latvia, Latvian airline industry and information about company. Because the airBaltic company is not very well known in south Europe, we are presenting basic information about the company as well as about the partners and customer segmentation.

Also in this work we are presenting the analysis of what the company did during this crisis. How it started, what was done to stop it. The communication with the customers and what was done to the employees of the company. How the public reacted to the crisis and how the company dealt with it. Further more you will find our opinion about what should have been done but still isn’t done.

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