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Kaunas University of Applied Sciences. Department Economics and Management. Self-study project. Contents. Introduction. Company's activities. Cakes. Pastries. Pies. Cookies. Establishment and achievements. Interesting facts. Confectionery business center. Headquarters. Management structure. Type of company. Number of employees. Employees. Foreign Partners. Annual sales. Advantages. Drawbacks. Our employees future. Prospects for the future. Opportunities for improvement. Conclusions. Questions to audience. References.

Kaunas University of Applied SciencesDepartment: Economics and Management Self-study project.

Reported by: Director: Indrė Livarauskaitė Deputy: Iveta Bradauskaitė Accountant: Laura Aleksandravičiūtė Financier: Evelina Jamontaitė Advisor: Ž. Nemickienė.

Introduction 3 Company‘s activities 4-8 Establishement and activities 9 Interesting facts 10-14 Confectionery business center 15 Headquarters 16 Management structure 17 Type of company 18 Number and employees 19-20 Foreign partners 21 Annual sales 22 Advantages and drawbacks 23-24 Our employees future 25 Prospects for the future 26 Opportunities for improvement 27 Conclusions 28 Questions to audience 29 References 30.

„Alkava“ produce‘s cakes, pies, cookies, candies, branches, anthills and other yeast products. Those all products are produced from the highest quality raw and natural materials.

The company "Alkava" established in 1994, but from 1994 to the present - the company has achieved a great deal. Already a little later, when the team of confectioners learned to work together, it was decided to test the product recognition competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year".

For "International Children's Day" in 2007 June 2 day made ​​the biggest cake in Lithuania.

In 2009 June 24 day was baked St. John's bread.

In 2010 November 27 day PC "Molas" was celebrating 7-year-old birthday.

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