Alternative Sources of Energy

Alternative Sources of Energy.

Wind energy is another growing source of energy in the world. High-tech windmills can be very efficient and currently begin to produce increasing amounts of energy in those places where the wind is reasonably strong and consistent. The top five countries with the most installed wind energy are India, Germany, France, Spain and United Kingdom.

The burning of wood, agricultural waste and the organic components of domestic and industrial wastes to produce energy is becoming more common. The number of countries that use biomass increases dramatically. Usually these countries don’t have enough sun and wind. Main biomass users are United States, Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Japan, Netherland, China, Finland, India and Canada.

Electricity can also be generated by geothermal heat sources. In certain parts of the world raw steam emerges from vents which can be directed onto turbine blades to generate electricity. Ten places with most geothermal power used are United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, New Zealand, Japan, Kenya, Turkey and Russia.

Mountainous regions offer another renewable energy source in the form of hydropower. In this case a dam is built to form a reservoir and streaming water runs the turbines. Countries which use hydropower the most are China, Brazil, United States, Canada, Russia, India, Norway, Japan, France and Sweden.

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