An E-Sports Team Manager

Anglų skaidrės. An E-Sports Team Manager. Project ‘My Future Profession’ Donatas Paulauskas. What is E-Sports? E-Sports - Electronic Sports is a term for organized video game competitions between professionals. League of Legends. It was released. League of Legends Teams. In 2010 the first professional teams started to group. E-Sports Manager. At the start teams didn’t have enough budget to hire actual professionals. Manager’s Job. Get a team. Scout for new talent, also learn what strategies other teams use. Take care of the living and gaming quality. Promote the team, make deals on team based accessories. And last but. The achievment. The winning team gets the ‘Summoners Cup’ and. In my life. Thank you for your time !

It was released about 4 years ago, however it got it’s major popularity from 2011 and it’s climbing higher from that point on. There are about 40 million monthly 'active' players. For that reason Riot Games (the developer of the game) started doing competitive tournaments.

At the start teams didn’t have enough budget to hire actual professionals, so usually the team founder was a player and a manager at the same time. Some teams still have this, however some of them turned to professionals so they could focus more on the game itself.

Get a team some sponsors. Most often the sponsors are known computer and gaming accessories brands.

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  • An E-Sports Team Manager
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