An endangered animal

An endangered animal. The Blue Whale. Content. Something about the. Something about Blue Whales. Lenght – till. More about them. Range. Sounds. Hunting and extermination. 1930-1931 only in Arctic areas were hunted 29 400 whales. A little bit of photos. Questions. How much the. Thanks for watching. Hope you understood my presentation about the Blue Whales.

Something about the Blue Whales. More about them... Range. Sounds. Hunting and extermination. Photos. Questions The end.

Lenght – till 33 metres. Weight – to 150 tons. Thin body. Skin – light grey colour with bluish shade, has some hair. The Blue Whale can reach 50kph, but short time. Usually swims about 20kph.

The Blue Whale eats small crustaceans. Before birth Whales migrate to the warmer edges. Born cub is 7 metres long and weighs 2,5 ton, sucking 6-8 months, cub drinks 400ml of milk per day. They don‘t live in groups. Supposedly, they can live till 80 years.

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  • An endangered animal
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