An extended trip

Anglų rašinys. An extended trip. Anglų rašinys.

I and my two friends decided have big trip together in this summer in abroad. We decided to travel to Nederland - the land of North Sea. We will cross Kaliningrad, Poland, Germany and than Nederland. Our journey will be about 3 days. The best way to trip we decided choose a car. It’s kind fast and fun vehicle to travel, but it cost much ant it must be ready for this challenge.

First of all I need to check my automobile before the trip. First what I check all fluids in my car: the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels may help me avoid an accident or an unnecessary breakdown. Secondly I check air pressure. It’s necessary if I want drive safely and don’t have tire explosion. Also, I need to check my spare tire pressure.

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  • An extended trip
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