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Rasinys apie anglija. Angliski rasiniai apie anglija. Anglu rašinelis apie anglija. Rasynis apie anglija angliskai. Aprasymas apie anglija. Anglu rasinys apie anglija. Anglija aprasymas. Angliskai aprasymas apie anglija. Rasinys apie anglija anglu kalba.

Great Britain - industrialized countries, economically one of the strongest in the world (after the United States, Germany, Japan). The Southeast producing wheat, barley, sugar beet, dominated by dairy and beef cattle breeding, western, southwestern and eastern parts - agriculture - dairy husbandry. Individual industrial districts (Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales, Scotland), agriculture developed in poultry farming, sheep farming, fishing, beef and dairy livestock, cultivated cereals and potatoes.
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