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Restaurant Skonis Breakfast menu until 11. Cold ant hot starters. Pork entrees. Main beef dishes. Main poultry dishes. Main fish dishes. Kid’s menu. Pasta and crepes. Ice cream. Dessert cocktails.

Chicken fillet with mashed potatoes €7,00(served with mashed potatoes, "Veloute" sauce, and mushrooms)

Cornchicken  with caramelized carrots and baked potatoes €7,50(served with cremy sauce)

Salmon steak with  "Hollandays" sauce and baked bean sprouts €9,00(served with "confit" potatoes)

Pikeperch with mashed celery €7,50(served with "Veloute" sauce, soybeans, and chanterelle)

Royal Shrimps(served with garlic, white vine and herb sauce) €6,50

Meatballs €3,50(French fries, cucumber and tomato salad with sour cream)

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