Anglų dialogas apie festivalius

Anglų dialogas apie festivalius.

R: Which of the traditional meals they eat?

A: They usually eating turkey, stuffing, cranberries, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

R: Are there any parades at that day?

R: Thank you told me about Thanksgiving day.

A: Do you know something about Halloween, as I soon will fly to her sister in the Britain and celebrate Halloween.

R: Yes, I know and now I tell you.

A: What the children are doing on Halloween?

A: What whey usually eat on Halloween?

R: They eat sweets such as toffee apples.

A: Over Halloween I will definitely be fun.

R: What's your favourite festival.

A: My favorite festival is Christmas which yours?

R: Lithuanians celebrate Christmas every year. Eat a traditional Christmas meal pork and boar. At Christmas I with friends play games, give gifts, sing songs and dance. It’s very funny.

A: Christmas I celebrate with family. We usually eat roast chicken, steaks and fish. For desserts we have a cake, fruit salad.

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