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B: Hello “student A vardas”

A: Hello “student B vardas”

B: You know, the examination session ending trip is coming soon, and I think we should make a plan for it, do you have time for doing that now?

A: Yes of course, we should do it right away, there are lot of things we need to discuss.

B: Yes, firstly we should decide about where we are going to camp, I suggest we stay near our citie’s lake, or we can go to vistytis, what you think about that?

A: I think we should go camping somewhere near vistytis lake, because there are better places for camping in there, and everyone likes it more. We just need to get some kind of transportation to get there.

B: Well I think we could rent a bus, it’s not very far away so it wouldn’t cost too much. What time do you think we should all meet for journey?

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