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Dialogas " daktaras ir pacientas"

A: good morning doctor.

B: good morning. Whats the matter? How can i help you?

A: i have a problem with my health. I feel very tired and exhausted everyday and i don't know why, co i came here to ask your advice and consult with you.

B: i will try to help you. So please describe the symptoms of you tiredness?

A: well, firstly, i feel sleepy all day, so i don’t have enough energy to do my usual works, such as going to my work at the cafe, cooking, tidying my home. Secondly, i have a headache almost every day and because of that i can’t concentrate normally. And thirdly, i can’t sleep well at night, i wake up several times at night.

B: oh its really weird. I think that the problem is in your life condition. So please tell something about it?

A: i am working at the night club as a barman for 8 hours per night, 5 nights per week. Also, i am living at the city centre, so it is very noisy and active place. What is more, i don’t have much free time , because i am working at nights and sleeping at days.

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